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Beta Update Woes!

Posted by on Dec 22, 2010 in Minecraft

Okay as you are all probably aware by now, our Minecraft server is currently not accepting connections from anyone running the current most up to date version of Minecraft. The reason for this is that Notch the creator of the game has released an update to the game and we cannot install his update until some software we run alongside our Minecraft server is also updated (The software is hMod by Hey0).

The server is still up and accepting connections from old client users and you can read more about downgrading your own client to continue to play on our server here:

I hope to get our server updated to the latest Beta version of Notches software as soon as physically possible and once a version of hMod is released which is stable enough for us to use I will make another post here, until then you can use the downgrade guide posted above.