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Anyango 10

Anyango 10 is the software platform that drives the Renegades community. In full development since its 2007 debut. It’s the foundation that enables all of our great functionality.

Anyango was created out of the necessity for an advanced, secure and flexible room management system. Something that could handle not only staff logins and staff chat (commonly called opmsg) but also as a way to index, search and browse the files of users within the Renegades community.

Since those beginnings the software has outgrown many people’s expectations of what a mere chat room bot is capable of. Anyango now serves dynamic webpages, application programming interfaces and the most advanced account system ever devised for a chat room. It is incredibly powerful and supports a multi-level tiered authentication system based around UUID’s to limit what users see and how they interact with their account without needing to remember a username or password.

Such break out features such as the Web Chat and Watchlist on this very website would not be possible without Anyango as these services run directly from Anyango itself though sandboxed plugins.

Going beyond directly running features of the bot there are also companion services such as RENBOX which directly use Anyango API’s for user authentication and achievements. Other software utilising these standard libraries include Rentility and the Watchlist remote Watch UI which allows you to add and remove TV Shows from your Watchlist from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Of course inside the Renegades chat room is where Anyango really shows its skills. Everything inside the room that you see runs through Anyango in some way including user name formats, multiple chat channels within a single room, our huge achievement system, file indexing, file searching, automatic personal TV Guide creation, Anti-Proxy detection, Betting, Point Scoreboards, targeted Show notifications and games. We even allow you to search for TV Shows that the room doesn’t have and then Anyango will acquire what you want and download it straight to RENBOX for you to download. If you can’t get it via Anyango, it doesn’t exist.

And we are mindful that we are living inside an ecosystem called WinMX. For our room to stay a healthy community the other rooms also need to stay healthy. And it is for this reason that many of Anyango’s best innovations were ported to the most popular bots in use on WinMX which are Metis and WCB.

In-fact we have even gone so far as to offer two new releases of Metis for the community that add important bug fixes, new features and performance improvements. Some of our releases have included the popular Proxy Blocker, IMDB Querying, Wikipedia Lookups, Urban Dictionary, Link Saver, Asciidex, Room Finder, Dynamic Room Adder, Pulse Protection and File Finder. A lot of these plugins are not even ports from Anyango but completely new pieces of software designed specifically for Metis and the WinMX community. With these tools your room can be up and running in minutes with all the features and security room owners crave.

And of course all of our releases are completely open source, fully commented for easy understanding, unobfuscated and with licences that promote the editing and republishing of our code. In the case of Metis we have followed the GPL license under which the original is available and again all sources are available for all our publicly released software.